In this part of my website you will find a selection of the music I have been composing/arranging. To listen to a track just click on the title and you will be redirected to the song in Spotify. Enjoy!

Timo Räisänen & Henning: Två VIse Män (Songwriter / Producer / Musician)
Ester Hedlund: Två Ansikten (Songwriter, Producer, Musician)
West of Eden: Twenty Years of Travelling (Songwriter, Singer, Producer)
Timo Räisänen: Fear No Darkness Lullaby (Arranger, Musician)
Timo Räisänen: I Den Stora Sorgens Famn (Producer, Arranger)
West of Eden: Sweet Old Country (Songwriter, Producer, Musician)
Timo Räisänen: Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne (Producer, Arranger, Musician)
West of Eden: Glenntown (Songwriter, Producer, Singer & Musician)
Sanna Hogman & Esbjörn Hazelius: Orden (Songwriter, Producer, Musician)
Weeping Willows: Midwinter Moon (Arranger)
West of Eden with Kate Rusby: The Bee That Stung (Songwriter, Musician)
Christian Kjellvander: The Mariner (Arranger, Conductor)
Jonathan Johansson & Johan Eckeborn: Den Brända Jorden (Arranger)
CUE: Monster In My Head (Composer/Arranger)
Anna Järvinen: Porslin (Arranger)
Fibes, oh Fibes: Jackie (Arranger)
West of Eden: Safe Crossing (Singer, Producer)
Hellsongs: I Just Want You (Arranger, Conductor)
Robyn: In Your Eyes (Conductor, String Coordinator)
CUE: Take me home (Arranger)
Daniel Lemma: Cordelia (Arranger)
Daniel Lemma: Fool’s Apology (Arranger)
West of Eden: Broken Sky Over Waterville (Producer, Musician)
Patrick Rydman: Gingerbread Man (Arranger)
Patrick Rydman: What Took You So Long (Arranger)
Natasha Bedingfield: Break Thru (Conductor, String Coordinator)